Capot Chemical Co., Ltd.

Capot Chemical Co., Ltd.
Type: Manufacturer
Country:  China (Mainland)
Address: Joinhands Science Park, No.4028,Nanhuan Road,
Tel: 86-571-85586718
Fax: 86-571-85864795
Methyl pyrimidine-5-carboxylate--Cosmetic Raw Materials cas:34253-01-5
Methyl pyrimidine-5-carboxylate--Cosmetic Raw Materials
Ceftiofur Sodium--Antibiotic and antimicrobial agents cas:104010-37-9
Ceftiofur Sodium--Antibiotic and antimicrobial agents
Inositol--Alcohol & Hydroxybenzene & Ether cas:87-89-8
Inositol--Alcohol & Hydroxybenzene & Ether
2-Nitrobenzyl Alcohol--Cosmetic Raw Materials cas:612-25-9
2-Nitrobenzyl Alcohol--Cosmetic Raw Materials
Ticarcillin Disodium--Anesthetic Agents cas:4697-14-7
Ticarcillin Disodium--Anesthetic Agents
6-Bromoindole--Heterocyclic compounds cas:52415-29-9
6-Bromoindole--Heterocyclic compounds
L-Pyroglutamic Acid--Organic Acid cas:98-79-3
L-Pyroglutamic Acid--Organic Acid
(s)Άρ(+)-2-Hydroxy-4-phthalimidobutyric acid--Syntheses Material Intermediates cas:48172-10-7
(s)Άρ(+)-2-Hydroxy-4-phthalimidobutyric acid--Syntheses Material Intermediates
(4-Carboxybutyl)triphenylphosphonium bromide--Auxiliaries and Other Medicinal Chemicals cas:17814-85-6
(4-Carboxybutyl)triphenylphosphonium bromide--Auxiliaries and Other Medicinal Chemicals
L-Homophenylalanine--Food Additives cas:943-73-7
L-Homophenylalanine--Food Additives
Company Profile:

Welcome to Capotchem Established in 1996 ,Capot Chemical Co.,Ltd is really a fine organics factory which situated in Hangzhou,P.r.China. We produce an array of organics, especially fluorine, boronic chemicals, proteins, unnatural proteins, peptide, mix linkers, organocatalysts, chiral foundations, heterocyclic compounds and other active pharmaceutical components compounds. We're licensed towards the ISO 9001:2000 standards, possess a safety management system in position, and follow the responsible care programme. Capotchem has built a worldwide network of 1000's of clients from many research centers, Pharmaceutical companys and chemical factorys in the united states,Europe,Japan...There exists a large amount of superexcellence Experts who have immense experience of similar line manage both manufacturing and Qc, have excellent production equipment and the highest quality of control laboratory to ensure the ultimate product.Capotchem offers foundations, and research chemicals which are enhanced for drug discovery using chemic informatics-based design, We be capable of give a couple of grams of product or perhaps a couple of kilograms, even 100s of kilograms from the items. Additionally,we provide custom synthesis outsourcing, in-house custom chemistry, and proprietary design services.Our credo is dedicated to the adoption of various items, reliable quality, huge discounts and quality plan to create value for clients.

Company: Capot Chemical Co., Ltd.
Name: Joe Tong
Telephone: 86-571-85586718
Fax: 86-571-85864795
Address: Joinhands Science Park, No.4028,Nanhuan Road,
country: China (Mainland)